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THE DANCER - Loie Fuller - 28 September 2016 (France)

Written and directed by Stéphanie Di Giusto. Co-starring Lily-Rose Melody Depp as Isadora Duncan.

Soko as Loie Fuller in THE DANCER Biography of dancer Loie Fuller. After the death of her gold prospector father, 25-year-old Marie-Louise leaves her life in the American West to join her mother in New York and pursue her dream of becoming an actress. One night on stage, she becoming tangled in her long dress, she avoids falling by spinning the fabric in a graceful, magical gesture, and the "Serpentine Dance" is born. Marie-Louise has become Loïe Fuller. She moves to Paris, dances at the Folies Bergères. and becoes an icon, the symbol of a generation.

THE STOPOVER - 7 September 2016 (France)

Directed by Delphine Coulin and Muriel Coulin. Filmed in Greece. Others in the cast are Ariane Labed, Ginger Romàn, Karim Leklou, Jérémie Laheurte, Andreas Konstantinou, Efthymis Papadimitriou, Kostis Maravegias, Alexis Manenti, Robin Barde, and Sylvain Loreau.

Soko as a soldier in THE STOPOVER THE STOPOVER (originally Voir Du Pays) is about two young soldiers, Aurore and Marine, who are returning from Afghanistan. With their section, they will spend three days in Cyprus in a five star hotel, in the middle of tourists on holiday, for what the army calls a "decompression chamber", to help them forget the war. But one does not forget the violence so easily. Based on the novel "View of the country" by Delphine Coulin.


- 2016

Written and directed by Nina Ljeti. Co-starring Jenna Malone, Shane West, Thomas Mann, and Lyndie Greenwood.


Directed by Natalie Neal, I STILL CHOSE TO STAY is the first installment of a series of short films commissioned by THE MIRROR CUBE. It features Soko, and depicts a young artist struggling in a domestic hell. (It's more an illustrated poem than a short film.)

ALWAYS WORTHY - Alvin - 2015

Soko as Alvin in WORTHY

Soko is Alvin in the film ALWAYS WORTHY (original title 'Worthy'), about an actress who "abandons her principles in pursuit of fame, only to realize that her biggest fan is back at home". Amberlee Colson, who wrote the screenplay, also stars in the film. The director is Marianna Palka, who also directed the short film KISS. ALWAYS WORTHY is Palka's first feature.

HER - voice of Isabella - 10 January 2014 (USA)

Spike Jonze and Soko - Oscar night 2014 Soko is the voice of Isabella in the Spike Jonze film HER, which won Jonze an Oscar for best screenplay. The film, scored by Arcade Fire, is about a lonely writer who falls in love with his computer's operating system. HER tied with GRAVITY for best film honours from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Mourir auprès de toi (To Die By Your Side). Soko described how she met Jonze in an interview with Chris Tinkham.

Les interdits - Carole Brikerman
- 27 November 2013 (France)

Directors: Anne Weil and Philippe Kotlarski.
Co-starring Jérémie Lippman, and Vladimir Fridman.

Original title: FRIENDS FROM FRANCE. Two cousins travel to Leningrad in 1982. Their mission is to discreetly contact the Soviet Jews persecuted by the regime, the "refuzniks", to offer them help and comfort.

Augustine - Augustine - 17 May 2013 (US)

Director: Alice Winocour. Co-starring Vincent Lindon, Chiara Mastroianni, Grégoire Colin, Sophie Cattain.

The film is set at the end of the 19th Century, and explores the mutual fascination that develops between Doctor Charcot, who studies 'hysteria' (which at the time was believed to be a disease), and one of his patients, a housemaid named Augustine. The housemaid quickly becomes an object of desire, the sole subject of Charcot's research and his obsession. To please him, Augustine puts her whole body into the experiments. Over the course of the tests, an intimacy starts to develop between them. But the closer Charcot gets to Augustine, the more he desires her, and the more ill he makes her.

Soko and Vincent Lindon in AUGUSTINE

Fat Bottomed Girls Rule the World - Joséphine
- May 2012 (Finland)

Soko is Joséphine in Flora Desprats first short film, FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS RULE THE WORLD, which was released in Finland in May 2012. Others in the cast were Rachid Hami, Johan Libéreau, and Sabrina Ouazani. It is described as a romantic comedy.

Johan Libereau and Soko in FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS RULE THE WORLD Soko and Johan Libereau

Mourir auprès de toi (To Die By Your Side)
- voice of Mina - 2011 (France)

Also with Spike Jonze and Pierre Le-tan. Directed by Simon Cahn and Spike Jonze. Written by Olympia Le-tan.

On a shelf in a famed Parisian bookstore called 'Shakespeare and Company', the love story of a klutzy skeleton and his red-haired amour plays out amidst Le-Tan's illustrations of iconic first-edition book covers.

Still from 'Die With Me' Mourir auprès de toi


BYE BYE BLONDIE - the young Gloria - 14 September 2011 (France)

scene from BYE BYE BLONDIE With: Beatrice Dall, Emmanuele Béart, and Pascal Greggory. Directed by Virginie Despentes.

A romantic comedy about two women who fell in love during the 1980's and then went their separate ways. They find each other again more than 25 years later.


À l'origine - (In the Beginning) - Monika
- French release date: 11 November 2009

With: Gérard Depardieu, Francois Cluzet
Xavier Giannoli, Director

SOKO was nominated for a César Award (French equivalent of an Oscar) in the catgory of Best Female Newcomer, for her role in À l'Origine. The ceremony, which is televised nationally in France, was 27 February, and Soko did not win. Mélanie Thierry was the Best Female Newcomer for her young alcoholic in "Le dernier pour la route" (One for the Road). For other winners see

The film was nominated for Best Picture of 2009 by the 2010 Globes de cristal. The film was also nominated for the Golden Palm at Cannes. The soundtrack is available as an import CD from Amazon.

Soko and Vincent Rottiers in IN THE BEGINNING

Paul (Francois Cluzet), a career con man, is enjoying the profits of his latest scam when a lady mayor (Emmanuelle Devos) makes him rethink his criminal ways. Thanks to his growing interest in the lovely village boss, Paul wants to make things right with his victims, who are many.

Adrien (2008) (TV) - Sandra

Gregory FitoussiWith: Mark Ruchman, Gregory Fitoussi, Annie Gregorio, Alice Butaud

Director: Pascale Bailly

After six months in Thailand, Adrian comes home and looks for the truth about the disappearance of his childhood sweetheart, found drowned three months earlier. Soko sings "Souvenirs" in this one. I have no video of Soko doing this song, but MademoisaileCha has covered it on YouTube.

Ma vie n'est pas une comédie romantique (2007) - Lisa

My Life Is Not A Romantic Comedy artwork

Director: Marc Gibaja
With: Marie Gillain, Gilles Lellouche, Laurent Ournac, Phillipe Lefebre

The english title is, for some reason, "It Had To Be You". This is a parody of romantic comedies. It is the story of Thomas and Florence. Thomas had a bad breakup and, at age 35, is occuppied mainly with Star Trek (the film includes a Klingon wedding), and video games. Florence became a single mother at 17, and became a schoolteacher. She meets Thomas shopping for toilet paper with her daughter (Soko). For some reason all the vocals in the soundtrack are in English, although the dialogue is in French. The music is good, though, and the theme was written by Soko (The Dandy Cowboys).

Les diablesses (2007) (TV)- Denise

Director: Harry Clevin
With: Anna Mihalcea, Bernadette Lafont, Marianne Basler, Annie Gregorio

Sylvie (Anna Mihalcea) is an orphaned teen in France in the 1950's who is put in an institution for "fallen" or endangered girls. There she is treated harshly by the bigoted nuns who run the place like a prison. Sylvie befriends another girl (Soko) who wants to escape.

Les diablesses 1 by URIEN56

Ma place au soleil - (My Place in the Sun) (2007)- Sabine

My Place In The Sun poster Director: Eric de Montalier
With: Elodie Bouchez, Nicole Garcia, Jacques Dutronc, Andre Dussollier, Gilles Lellouche, Valeria Golino

Three couples and a single (among others) of different ages and social classes, struggle with professional and personal problems.

Ma Place Au Soleil Trailer from kika ungaro (Noelie) on Vimeo.

Dans les cordes (2007)- Sandra

Director: Magaly Richard-Serrano (Former French boxing champion)
With: Richard Anconina, Maria De Medeiros, Louise Szpindel, Bruno Putzulu

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes. Joseph manages a French Boxing Club where he trains his daughter and niece. Boxing is everything for them. The evening of the French Championships, the defeat of one of the two girls throws the survival of the club into peril. The bond between Angie and Sandra, raised as if sisters, is tested and a dangerous rivalry begins both inside the ring and out.
Dans Les Cordes Page

Poesie del Amor poster Poésie del Amor (2006)- Margot

Short film. Director: Olivier Vidal
With: Marc Andreoni, Mischa Aznavour, Victor Chambon, Dora Doll

Leo is a fifteen year old loner, the son and grandson of farmers, different from other boys his age. His need to live on the edge of society fits nicely with his desire to disrupt day-to-day life. He tells of his encounter with Nathan, an impressively successful man from the city, of undefined age, who has no dreams left to fulfill.

Frederic van den Driessche as Pere Louis Page Le pénitent (Louis Page) (TV - 2006) 1 episode - Lydia
- Un rebelle dans la famille

Le pénitent is a series of 90 minute made-for-TV films starring Frederic van den Driessche as Pere Louis Page, a Catholic priest who, after losing his mother, undertakes a pilgramage and becomes involved in various plotlines on the way. 23 episodes
have been made beginning in 1997.

Madame Irma (2006) - young schoolgirl

Madame Irma poster Soko as one of Madame Irma's clients

With Didier Bourdon, Pascal Légitimus, Arly Jover, Catherine Mouchet, and Yoann Denaive. Directed by Didier Bourdon and Yves Fajnberg.

Francis is fired from his job at the French subsidiary of an American company. Unable to find another job, he consults a fortune teller, who does not help him but gives him an idea. He creates the alter ego of Madame Irma and becomes a fortune teller himself.

The film is on YouTube in 7 parts at VIRAPTOR2804's CHANNEL.

Les irréductibles (2006)- Lucie

les irreductibles poster Director: Renaud Bertrand
With: Jacques Gamblin, Kad Merad, Anne Brochet, Sacha Briquet

As teenagers, Michel (Jacques Gamblin), Gerard (Kad Merad) and Edmond (Rufus) all failed their Baccalaureat exams (necessary for high school graduation in France. They planned to retake the exam, but all three ended up with jobs in the same factory. Twenty years after leaving school, Michel has a son, Philippe, who also fails the Baccalaureat. As Michel encourages Philippe to give the test another try, he gets word that the factory is shutting down, and all three men are all out of work.


Mes copines (2006)- Manon

Soko as Manon in MES COPINES Director: Sylvie Ayme
With: Djena Tsimba, Anne-Sophie Franck, Rossy de Palma, Serge Riaboukine

Four girlfriends dream of winning the Challenge dance. Their idea is to distinguish themselves from competitors by replacing sensuality with technical prowess.

The entire film can be viewed online at DAILYMOTION. The aspect ratio, however, seems to be wrong.

Oh! Ma femme (2006) - Clémentine

Director: Olivier Dujols
With: Pascal Reneric, Carole Bianic, Valerie Decobert, Cybele Villemagne

The short film can be viewed in its entirety at DAILYMOTION

Soko and Pascal reneric in Oh! Ma femme Alexandra Naoum

On s'appelle (2005) - Clara

Soko as Clara in the French TV series On s'appelle

TV comedy series. Directed by Bruno Ducourant and Francis Coté. Soko was in 4 episodes (episodes 13 to 16 of the first season). The show starred Olivia Charpentier, Alexandra Naoum, and Martin Siméon.

Some of the show is available on DAILYMOTION.

Palais royale! (2005) - hairdresser (scenes deleted)

Eugenia (Catherine Deneuve) is Queen of a fictitious nation somewhere in Europe. When the King dies unexpectedly, there is a problem of succession. By law, a new king must be married and the eldest son is not. The youngest son, Prince Arnaud (Lambert Wilson), is married two young children, and they become the kingdom's future rulers. Directed by Valérie Lemercier.

- Témoin en danger (2008)

At a union meeting, Delphine Dupré (Hélène Liber) is killed with a lethal injection in the calf. A year earlier, she was invited with her friend Karine, to a club belonging to Antoine Koskas (Jacques Hanson), a dangerous pimp. Karine then disappeared before she could testify against Koskas and he was released from prison. The discovery of Karine's body reopens the investigation into Dupré's death, but the only remaining witness, Sandra Solano (Cylia Malki), must be protected.

Commissaire Valence - TV - (3 episodes) - Camille Valence

- Vengeances (2005)
- Double face (2006)
- Témoin en danger (2008)

Commissaire Valence is a series of made-for-TV movies starring Bernard Tapie, Christian Charmetant, Loic Corberry, Laure Killing, and Cecile Simeone.

Au secours, j'ai trente ans! - (Help me, I'm 30!) (2004) - Chloe

Last Chance Saloon artwork

Director: Marie-Anne Chazel
With: Pierre Palmade, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Nathalie Corré, Franck Dubosc

Kathy, Tara and Yann spent their childhood together on the island of Grois off Brittany. At 18 they came to Paris. Twelve years later, Yann is happy with his boyfriend Alfredo, and the girls have disastrous love lives.

Their carefree attitude to life turns serious when Yann falls ill. Yann's mother arrives from the island to take care of him and discovers his private life. The two women sort out their soap-opera-ish series of relationships. Based on the book "Last Chance Saloon" by MARIAN KEYES.

Ben et Thomas (2004) - Girl 1

Soko (left) and Elixabeth Erchow in BEN ET THOMAS Director: Jon Carnoy
With: Romain Vissol, Adrien Saint-Joré, Vincent Ronsse, Alaric Sepulchre

This short film can be viewed in its entirety at DAILYMOTION

Action Justice (2003) - Léa Franqui
- Déclaré coupable - TV episode
With: Alexandra Kazan, Pierre-Loup Rajot, Cyril Lecompte, Laura Weissbecker, and Françoise Pinkwasser.

First aired 2 December 2003. The third of three episodes.

L'escalier (2003) - Bea

Director: Frédéric Mermoud
With: Nina Meurisse, Camille Japy, Marie Collins, Olivia Amandine Maudet

An apartment building staircase connects the lives of the building's tenants.

This 22 minute short film won four film festival awards, including the Golden Swann. Nina Meurisse (Rachel) won Best Actress at the Vendome and Cabourg Festivals for her role.

Clara cet été là - (Clara's Summer) (2002) (TV) - Zoé

With: Salomé Stévenin, Selma Brook, Léo Grandperret
Director: Patrick Grandperret

Clara and Zoé head to summer camp for a week of adventure and self-discovery. Zoe quickly gets involved with Sebastien, but is upset to find he is dating her just to impress his buddies. For comfort, Zoe turns to Clara, telling her she loves her, but Clara rejects her advances. When bisexual Sonia befriends her, other campers accuse Clara of being a lesbian. To stop rumors, Clara decides to sleep with a male counselor, but this only complicates things. Eventually, Clara succumbs to her attraction to Sonia, who helps her express her own self-awareness.