Soko as Camille Valence in

Original air date: 2 March 2006

At night, Dr. Francis Marsac, a specialist in plastic surgery, is doused with acid by an unknown assailant and dies by suffocation. Commissioner Valence travels to the scene to begin their investigation. Sylviane Porter, assistant to Marsac, tells police that his boss was a womanizer, whose affairs were often in the tabloids. She also mentiones the case of surgeon Sophie Grimaud, whose daughter committed suicide after a failed operation. Sophie is the prime suspect, but Valence does not believe she is guilty.


Commissaire Valence - Doubleface - Soko - Soko arriving Doubleface - Commissaire Valence - greetings CommissaireValence - Soko  in Elmway Bar T-shirt
Commissaire Valence - Doubleface - Soko - downcast Commissaire Valence - Soko as Camille Valence - leaving Soko - goodbye kiss - Commissaire Valence - Doubleface


Bernard Tapie - Commissaire Valence
Soko - Camille Valence
Kader Boukhanef - Barth
Loïc Corbery - Carrère
Cécile Siméone - Laurence
Clair - Martine
Valérie Kaprisky - Sophie Grimaud
Edgar Givry - attorney
Marc Rioufol - Master Loiret
Guy Amram - Bertone
Wilhem Gornik - Dr. Fran├žois Marsac
Severine Debels - Sylviane Portier
Lucien Jérôme - Pierrot
Michaël Alcaras - Arthur
Valentin Barniske - Fabien